Thursday, January 3, 2013

End of India Mission

What was intended to be a 9-month assignment in Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh, India came to an early end at Christmas time. It was determined that there was not enough to support two of us logisticians, I went home for my Christmas break and did not return. I will await another mission, apply elsewhere, and look for work on the homefront, whatever turns up first will get my attention. In the meantime, I am settling back in to the condo we purchased just two weeks before I departed for India, so now I have some time to enjoy it!

Kaye continues to teach for Georgetown, and has accepted a position with Lincoln Memorial University here in Tennessee. Christmas was special this year, as our oldest son, Ryan, presented us with twin boys as grandchildren. So we are now officially grandparents! So nice to meet them and to spend a week or so with them before reaching home.

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Max Norton said...

Great to read about your experiences in Malawi and India, some of which mirror mine in the same countries. Keep writing and I'll keep reading! Good luck with everything.